Friday, 8 April 2011

The annoyances that frustrate me

So yesterday i had a pretty chill day... until 3 o'clock

that's when i pick my 5 year old up from pre-primary. he decided he would come out the door, pick up his bag and run in the opposite direction... then he got lost amongst all the other students. when i finally found him i had to bribe him to come to the car and get in. then i had to do some shopping...

he was fairly good, a little bit whingy from being tired, but nothing i couldn't handle. then he decided to slap me which resulted in me telling him he wasn't getting any toys and him crying. then he ran away... but he needed to go to the toilet. i had to tell him he was a good boy for going to the toilet but naughty for not telling me.

anyway i finished the shopping, got mister 5 in the car and decided take away would be best for dinner. i had to drive across the very busy main road to get to my take away of choice and i went through the drive-thru. i ordered then tried to pay by eftpos since i had no cash on me. the guy tried five times over 20 minutes then told me that their eftpos was down and i would have to get cash. to get cash i had to go back across the busy main road to the shopping centre, find a parking spot and go to the atm. i drove back across the busy main road to the take away place. this time i parked and went inside because its fast food and should have been ready, right? wrong. it took them another 20 minutes, the food was shit & they forgot mister 5s toy in his kids pack.

driving home i was still pretty agro, but i kept my temper mostly under control... until i was almost in a head on with an african. then i went off- im not a racist but i had some very anti-african thoughts. which i will share another time

peace out bitches

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cherry Popped...

Okay guys & girls
I'm taking a leaf out of Jens ( book and letting out the crazy. I feel it will be very therapeutic... and i may want to decapitate less people... maybe

So i was going to blog about my day and the frustrations i had, but something better came along

Currently i am watching Heston's Mission Impossible, which is about chef Heston trying to change aeroplane food and make it better. he has realised that the air in the aeroplane is dryer then the air on the ground and it effects the way we taste food. his solution? Nasal douching.

yep you read correctly- nasal douching

but can you imagine it? im going on my most recent aeroplane experience here- a flight from Perth to Port Hedland choc full of miners. so here goes-
"ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. we hope you are enjoing your flight from perth to port hedland. we will be serving food shortly however we suggest you nasal douche before eating to maximize your tasting pleasure"

now if i heard that i would be laughing so hard i wouldnt be able to eat :-)

i was going to blog more but i really cant be effed

peace out bitches